MLM Software

What is MLM Software

MLM Software is a multi level marketing ( MLM ) or Affiliate marketing management tool in which an admin can manage a network, it’s compensation plan and users. Also, MLM Software equips its end users in the network with the ability to see their network status, income, and manage their referrals, and payouts. In general, MLM company will be able to do their whole business and track the process and progress through a MLM Software

MLM software designed by Techfoddils are versatile and can be customized as per the requirement of the client. The best part of our MLM Software is its high speed performance, dedicated payout system, scalability, and user-friendly design. As the ‘Best MLM Software Development Company’, Techfoddils serves customers all over the world and offers solutions for all the compensation plans. Get the finest software for your MLM business done by us.

Lead MLM Software

We know how important this software is to you. We have developed the technologies and strategies used to make it happen through continuous research and studies. We use the most modern development softwares to make it the best software you will ever need to run your MLM business online. We have served our clients well with our expert team and have delivered their outputs in time and with perfection.

MLM Business Software

User friendly and feature rich MLM business management software solutions integrated with various compensation plans in an affordable price. Also, customization and integration of software to various CMS are available.

Cryptocurrency MLM Software

We offer powerful hack proof software and management tool for ICO companies and cryptocurrency developers. Now, deploying the cryptocurrency is more convenient and secure.

Ecommerce MLM Software

Offering easy to use ecommerce MLM business software which helps you to track product sales, referrals, trends and profit efficiently. Integration to any CMS platforms is made hassle free now. Grow your business beyond your expectations.

MLM Software Integration For Ecommerce Platforms

Multi Level Marketing has taken the centre stage for over a few decades now, encompassing every industry which can be benefited. With the fast growing e-commerce platform, businesses has been trying to integrate with the top-notch technologies to upscale the e-commerce businesses.

At Techfoddils software solutions, we help you integrate your MLM software with the best e-commerce platforms in an efficient way to organize the networking business nodes.

MLM Software Types

MLM software is a should have software to manage, control and monitor your Multi Level Marketing business. Techfoddils provide the following MLM software plans for your business.

Binary MLM Software

Binary MLM Software is an easy to use and simple web application that helps to manage binary networks such as to keep track on incomes and expenditure. It reduces the manual works to be done by the MLM companies. Binary MLM Software is suitable for all types of MLM organizations..

Unilevel MLM Software

Unilevel MLM Plan allows you sponsor one line of distributors only. It is an easy to learn concept as well. It maintains the Unilevel MLM plan and keeps track on downline’s expenditure and income. Unilevel MLM plan is effective for all kinds of MLM organizations whether they are big or small.

MLM software for Direct Selling Business

Techfoddils provides you a powerful software to handle your direct selling business in an effortless way. This software will help you manage your overall business with the click of a few keys. You can upscale or migrate your business without losing any data. Literally, direct selling software will enhance your business in every possible way.

Higher Productivity

Managing your direct selling business with the help of an MLM software will bring in changes you have not even dreamt of. The efficiency and productivity will scale up and so is your business as a whole.

High Data Security & Backup

Our software ensures your privacy. We are committed to protect your data and keep them safe and easy to access for your management. We also make sure that your data is backed up regularly.

Streamlined Operations

The MLM software plays a significant role in streamlining your operations and eventually the whole business. Every procedure gets recorded and easy to carry forward. This will make the business hassle free.

Higher Levels of Integration

Higher levels of integration offered by the MLM software will make it smoother to run and handle. The whole process is designed and integrated into the software to facilitate easy access and usage.


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